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 Spilldoc Spill Control & Containment Solution

Spilldoc Faucet-mounted Eye Wash BD-506

Eyewash faucets are used to quickly rinse the eyes in case of exposure to hazardous substances or foreign particles. They are typically found in laboratories, industrial facilities, and healthcare settings to provide immediate first aid for eye injuries. The faucets deliver a gentle flow of water to flush out the eyes, helping to minimize the potential damage or irritation caused by chemicals, dust, or other contaminants.



Product name
Spilldoc Faucet-Mounted Eyewash BD-506
ANSI Z358.1-2014
Nominal Pressure
Sealing Pressure
Eye Wash Flow
Work  Pressure
Application Conditions
Pure water at normal temperature or water that meets sanitary standards
304 stainless steel and ABS bowl
Using Environment
Laboratories and hospitals where there is a possibility of accidental spills and splashing of hazardous liquids such as acids and chemicals.
Special Note
If the acid concentration is too high, recommend using 316 stainless steel.
When using ambient temperature below 0℃, use antifreeze eye wash.


Installation Notes

1) First install the faucet on the wash basin or countertop, connect the water pipe, and then connect the eyewash and the faucet.

2)Adjust the nozzle angle of the eye wash, turn on the faucet switch, and check the condition of each water outlet and whether the switch handle is flexible.

Failure and Troubleshooting

If the nozzle is not flowing smoothly, please use the special tool attached to the product to disassemble and clean the nozzle filter.

If the problem cannot be solved, please contact our company after-sales service. 

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