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Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag 20’’ x 24’’ x 0.035mm 100pcs/pack

by Parisha

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Size: Pack of 100 pcs

Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag 20’’ x 24’’ x 0.035mm

Size: 20" x 24"
Packing: 100 pcs / pack

High-Density Polyethylene, Biohazard Disposal Bags
Withstand Autoclaving up to 130 degrees.

Suitable for disposal of chemicals and hazardous materials such as oil spills, chemical spills, unidentified liquids, and more




Product Description:
Introducing the Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag 20" x 24" x 0.035mm - a reliable and secure solution designed for laboratories, hospitals, and clinics to safely manage and dispose of biohazardous waste, specifically suitable for use with sharp disposal boxes. This biohazard bag is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of these environments, ensuring proper containment and disposal of hazardous materials in compliance with safety regulations.

In laboratory, hospital, and clinic settings, the safe disposal of biohazardous waste, especially sharp objects, is of paramount importance, and the Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag is designed to meet these specific needs. With its durable construction and thickness of 0.035mm, it effectively contains and isolates biohazardous materials, reducing the risk of punctures and leaks, and thereby minimizing potential exposure and cross-contamination.

The dimensions of the bag, measuring 20" x 24", provide ample space for various types of biohazardous waste, including sharps such as needles, scalpels, and other sharp objects. It's strong material and puncture-resistant design ensure reliable containment and prevent accidental injuries or exposure to potentially harmful substances.

By incorporating the Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag into waste management protocols, laboratories, hospitals, and clinics can efficiently handle and dispose of biohazardous waste, particularly sharp objects, prioritizing the safety of personnel and the environment. This bag is ideal for use with sharp disposal boxes, allowing for convenient and secure disposal of sharps without compromising safety.

Choose the Biohazard Waste Disposal Bag 20" x 24" x 0.035mm to streamline biohazard waste management in laboratories, hospitals, and clinics. Its secure containment, durability, and compatibility with sharp disposal boxes make it an essential tool for the safe handling and disposal of biohazardous waste, particularly sharps. Prioritize safety, compliance, and efficiency with this solution, ensuring a clean and risk-free environment for staff and patients.

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