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Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock

Product Features

1. ABS lock body and nylon shackle combined perfectly, with better non-conductive, anti-magnetism, explosion-proof quality.

 2. Nylon shackle is non-conductive, especially suitable for the chemical industry, military, mining, power, and flammable and explosive areas.

 3. Lock body dimensions: Length 45mm, Width 40mm, Thickness 19mm; Shackle diameter 6mm, shackle height 38mm.

 4. All fittings of the padlock are explosion-proof, anti-magnetism,

insulation, corrosion-resistant.

 5. Include 2 sets of lock body warning labels, which can write the owner’s information.

Product Description: 

Introducing the Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock - a reliable and secure solution designed for effective lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures in various industrial settings. This insulation plastic safety padlock provides enhanced safety features, ensuring optimal protection and compliance with safety regulations.

In workplaces where lockout/tagout procedures are critical for the safety of employees working with machinery or equipment, the Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock is an essential tool. Its insulation plastic construction offers non-conductive properties, providing an additional layer of protection against electrical hazards during lockout procedures.

The Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock features a durable body that resists corrosion, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments. Its sturdy shackle provides strength and security, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of the lockout process.

By incorporating the Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock into lockout/tagout protocols, workplaces can effectively isolate energy sources and prevent accidental start-ups or equipment operations. This padlock enables authorized personnel to securely lock and tag equipment, reducing the risk of workplace accidents, injuries, and damage to machinery.

Choose the Insulation Plastic Safety Padlock for your lockout/tagout needs, and prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees. Its insulation properties, durability, and robust construction make it a reliable choice for enhancing workplace safety measures. Promote compliance, prevent accidents, and ensure a secure lockout process with this dependable solution.

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