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FREE DELIVERY for Standard Orders Over $200. Available for dispatch next business day
FREE DELIVERY for Standard Orders Over $200. Available for dispatch next business day

Lithium-Ion Battery Charging & Storage Cabinet – 500430


Lithium Battery Charging Cabinet

Shielding your business from the dangers of Li-ion battery fires, our double-walled sheet steel cabinet with 40mm thermal air barrier offers a smart fire containment system to slow the spread of a battery fire.



Equipped with a 150mm fan, capable of producing 67m3  of air per hour, our battery storage cabinet will reduce the risk of overheated Li-ion batteries and thermal runaway — even during our hot and humid Australian summers.


Leaks of electrolyte may occur if a battery cell is damaged or faulty. But with our built-in spill containment system, you can feel confident that our sump will contain it all.


Featuring our patented Safe-T-Close sequential door close system, our fully lockable Li-ion battery cabinet delivers a superior standard of security.

Product Features

2 shelves

4 outlets on each shelf

Fully certified electrical

2 pole power points

10AMP power inlet

IP54 rated fittings

Sump capacity: 23L


External Dimensions: 800mmH x 500mmW x 450mmD

Internal Dimensions: 553mmH x 418mmW x 370mmD

Weight: 33.0kg

Shelving Space (depth is excluding power plugs)

Top Shelf: 230mmH x 350mmW x 352mmD

Bottom Shelf: 270mmH x 350mmW x 320mmD


What is a lithium-ion battery cabinet and why do I need one?

A battery cabinet is a particular type of storage cabinet that reduces the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries. These innovative cabinets create a safer environment in which workplaces can charge and store their li-ion cells. Our lithium-ion battery charging and storage cabinets provide a cool, dry and secure space for batteries to be housed and recharged.

Is it OK to store lithium batteries fully charged?

Lithium-ion battery charging cabinets are designed for both the charging and the storage of li-ion cells. Therefore, whatever charge your battery is on, you can store it in the cabinet until it is required by your staff. We recommend always following the battery manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge your batteries, so you can maintain safety when working with lithium-ion batteries in the workplace.

Do lithium batteries deteriorate in storage?

Any type of battery will deteriorate with age. However, by using the correct storage, you can increase the lifespan and safety of your batteries. As lithium-ion batteries are designed to be recharged, you should ensure that your batteries are regularly used to keep them in optimum working order. We recommend creating a regular inspection checklist for your batteries, so any old or damaged batteries (or chargers) are disposed of before they can create a hazard – such as a lithium-ion battery fire or explosion. Any damage or deterioration of the cells may increase the likelihood of a hazard occurring when your batteries are put back on charge.


What is the capacity of our lithium-ion battery cabinets? How many batteries can they charge simultaneously?

A Storemasta lithium-ion battery cabinet can simultaneously charge multiple workplace batteries in a safe and protected environment. Storemasta offers an 8 and 18 outlet model of battery cabinet, which allows the user to charge up to 8 or 18 li-ion batteries – depending on the chosen model. The 8 outlet battery charging cabinet offers 2 fully adjustable shelves with 4 electrically certified power outlets on each shelf, while our larger 18 outlet model offers 3 shelves with 6 outlets on each.


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