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Spilldoc Spill Control & Containment Solution

Spilldoc Privacy Curtain Kit for Emergency Shower & Eyewash Station

Model: BD-CK
Comes with: 2 Pieces Curtain, circular ring, Ring, and Accessories only

Brand: Spilldoc
Compatible Shower & Eyewash models Model : BD-550A, and 550C
Material: 304 Stainless Steel & Waterproof Curtain
Curtain Colour: Orange
Warranty: 12 Months from product supply against manufacturing defects

Spilldoc Privacy Curtain Kit for an emergency shower and eyewash station provides privacy and dignity to individuals using these facilities during emergency situations. When a person experiences a chemical splash or other hazardous exposure that requires the use of an emergency shower or eyewash station, it is crucial to quickly and effectively rinse off the chemical or substance.

In terms of chemical safety, a privacy curtain for an emergency shower and eyewash station serves several important purposes:

1. Preventing cross-contamination: When multiple individuals are present in a facility or workplace, a privacy curtain helps prevent the spread of chemicals or hazardous substances from one person to another. By creating a barrier, it reduces the risk of contaminated water splashing onto nearby individuals who may not have been exposed initially.

2. Minimizing exposure to bystanders: Privacy curtains help shield bystanders or passersby from witnessing the emergency shower or eyewash process. This can be beneficial in situations where the sight of someone in distress or being exposed to chemicals might cause panic or emotional distress among others.

3. Encouraging prompt use of emergency equipment: Maintaining privacy can help alleviate any hesitation or reluctance an individual may have in using the emergency shower or eyewash station. By providing a private space, the privacy curtain promotes a sense of dignity and encourages affected individuals to swiftly and effectively rinse off the chemicals without concerns about being observed.

4. Reducing distractions: During an emergency situation, it is crucial for the affected person to focus on using the emergency shower or eyewash station properly. A privacy curtain helps create a secluded environment, reducing distractions and enabling the individual to concentrate on flushing out the chemicals or substances from their body.

Overall, the privacy curtain plays a role in enhancing chemical safety by promoting the proper and timely use of emergency showers and eyewash facilities, preventing cross-contamination, and preserving the dignity and well-being of the affected individuals.


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