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FREE DELIVERY for Standard Orders Over $200. Available for dispatch next business day

Electric Hydraulic Self Propelled Scissor Lift 3M

Product Features

An electric hydraulic self-propelled scissor lift with a 3-meter platform height is a type of lifting equipment commonly used for elevated work tasks in various industries. Here's some information about this specific scissor lift:

1. Platform Height: The scissor lift has a platform height of 3 meters. This refers to the maximum working height that can be reached when the platform is fully extended.

2. Electric Powered: The scissor lift is powered by an electric motor. It typically runs on rechargeable batteries, which provide quiet operation, zero-emission performance, and the ability to work indoors without the need for ventilation.

3. Hydraulic System: The lifting mechanism of the scissor lift is operated by a hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinders are used to extend and retract the scissor arms, allowing for vertical movement of the platform.

4. Self-Propelled: This scissor lift is self-propelled, meaning it has its own integrated drive system. It can be driven and maneuvered by an operator from the platform or ground controls. The drive system may include electric motors or hydraulic motors that power the wheels or tracks for movement.

5. Scissor Mechanism: The scissor lift's platform is supported and raised by a scissor-like mechanism, which consists of crossed metal supports that expand and contract vertically. When the scissor arms extend, the platform rises, and when they contract, the platform descends.

6. Working Load Capacity: The scissor lift has a specified maximum working load capacity, which indicates the maximum weight that the platform can safely support while elevated. It's important to adhere to the load capacity guidelines to ensure safety during operation.

7. Safety Features: Electric hydraulic self-propelled scissor lifts are equipped with various safety features. These may include emergency stop buttons, safety sensors, non-slip platform surfaces, guardrails, and tilt sensors to prevent operation on uneven surfaces.

8. Compact Design: Scissor lifts are often designed to be compact and maneuverable, allowing them to access tight spaces and navigate through narrow aisles or doorways. This makes them suitable for indoor maintenance, construction, warehousing, and other applications.

It's essential to receive proper training and follow safety guidelines when operating a scissor lift to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of the operator and those in the vicinity.

Technical Specification

Model Number BSSSL3M
Electric Hydraulic Self Propelled
Scissor Lift 3M
Brand: BSS
Product Type Scissor Lift
Min Lifting Height 3m
Maximum Lifting Height 2360 mm
Net Weight 490 kg
Power 0.8 KW


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