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FREE DELIVERY for Standard Orders Over $200. Available for dispatch next business day
FREE DELIVERY for Standard Orders Over $200. Available for dispatch next business day

2 Tons Mobile Hydraulic Crane

A 2 Tons Mobile Hydraulic Crane is a versatile piece of equipment commonly used in workshops, garages, and construction sites. It is designed to lift and move heavy objects, making it easier to handle tasks such as engine removal, equipment assembly, and other lifting operations. Here's some information about this type of crane:

Product Features

Capacity: A 2-ton portable crane can lift objects weighing up to 2 tons (4,000 pounds). It's important to ensure that the weight of the load you intend to lift falls within the crane's rated capacity.

Portability: The crane is designed to be portable, meaning it can be easily moved around the workshop or transported to different job sites. It is typically equipped with wheels or casters that allow for smooth mobility.

Foldable Design: The foldable feature enables the crane to be compact and easily stored when not in use. This is particularly useful in smaller workshops or areas with limited space.

Adjustable Boom: The crane features an adjustable boom or arm that can be extended or retracted to different lengths. This allows for flexibility in reaching various heights and distances when lifting objects.

Hydraulic or Manual Operation: The crane can be operated using hydraulic power or manually, depending on the specific model. Hydraulic cranes provide smoother and more precise lifting, while manual cranes require physical effort to operate.

Stabilization: To ensure stability during lifting operations, the crane is typically equipped with outriggers or stabilizer legs. These legs can be extended to provide a wider base and increase stability when lifting heavy loads.

Safety Features: Mobile shop cranes are designed with safety in mind. It includes features such as locking mechanisms to secure the boom in place, overload protection systems, and safety hooks or latches to prevent accidental load slippage.

Technical Specification

Model Number BSS2TMC01
Description 2 Tons Hydraulic Mobile Crane
Brand: BSS
Product Type Mobile Crane
Rated Loading Capacity 2 Tons
Maximum Lifting Height 2360 mm
Net Weight 70 Kg


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